Branding & Marketing


The experience of the past 17 years has shown that our festival platform is versatile and can be perfectly integrated into existing partners' marketing and communication strategies - for example:

  • Emotionalising Brands - The brands of the partners stand out in the strong emotional backdrop.
  • Accompanying Launch or Relaunch - Introducing products and services into events that are "unique".
  • Promotion and Advertising - Through integrated demos, shows and promotions, the partners can specifically inform and generate interest.
  • Customer contacts and VIP care - The USP of lighting staging arouses the interest of customers and stakeholders and ensures high contact numbers.


The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS stands for the show performance of the future and offers a worldwide unique setting. This makes it particularly suitable for innovative ways of marketing and communication - for example:

  • Live communication - The company's or brand's appearance as part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will be an unforgettable experience that everyone is talking about.
  • Visual Storytelling - The stage of the festival offers the ideal setting to tell stories with strong pictures in an impressive format.
  • Social Media - The presentation at the festival creates great visuals that go around the world via the social media booster.
  • Gamification - The light productions can be combined with competitions and interactive public actions that turn viewers into contributors.
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