Brandenburg Gate ◆ presented by Gilde Heimbau

At home in the Brandenburg Gate?

Task: Bringing out an everyday topic on the big “screen”
The United Nations declared 2012 to be the International Year of Cooperatives and especially in Berlin housing cooperatives have a long tradition. Against this background, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team, in cooperation with 22 Berlin housing cooperatives, set the topic where nobody would imagine it. The Brandenburg Gate visually became the home of cooperative life.

Idea: Cooperative life as an eye-catcher
The success of this campaign lay in the contrast of content and stage. On one side the big symbolic gate, on the other side the small comfortable world of living. Our show brought both sides together and aroused massive attention. The Brandenburg Gate turned into a residential building, behind the windows, the lights went on and you could see the busy life behind them.

Implementation: Unspectacular spectacular
Actually, it was unspectacular images of real house fronts, windows, balconies, front doors that stood for cooperative life. In many neighbourhoods, these houses shape the image of Berlin, but at the Brandenburg Gate they suddenly played a spectacular lead role. The 3D video mapping show was shown every 10 minutes for 10 evenings. Culminating in 300 shows, each time with the logo of the cooperatives and hundreds of thousands of viewers looking at it.

Result: offensive for cooperative life
The cooperatives used the event to massively promote their idea. Every evening there were incentives for tenants, press and multipliers. Extensive marketing and media measures have attracted a lot of public attention. In addition, specific conferences and meetings were put into the festival time in order to discuss the cooperative idea in detail.

Partner:  Community action of the cooperatives
Gilde Heimbau as a representative of 22 Berlin housing cooperatives