70 Years Israel ◆ presented by Israel Tourism


70 years of Israel in a special light 

Idea: To stage the anniversary as a highlight

Since 2015, Israel has been a close partner of the Festival of Lights and presents itself as a tourist destination. In 2018, the State of Israel celebrated its 70th Independence Day and celebrated this special event at our festival. Under the title "70 Years of Israel", the country presented itself with a beautiful 3D video mapping staging on the arsenal of the Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Implementation: A journey through the history

The 3D video mapping took the Berlin audience on a remarkable journey through 70 years of Israeli art, culture and architecture. Suddenly, the beauties of the land were all very close to their eyes.

As an added accent, the current Israel tourism spot ran around the clock on an LED screen in the middle of the visitor streams Unter den Linden.

The integrated social media raffle allowed visitors to win a trip to Israel. Those who wanted to be there took a selfie with the anniversary projection in the background and uploaded it under the hashtag #IsraelOfLights. There was a great deal of interest and numerous direct contacts with potential holidaymakers.

Success: Great attention for Israel

In 2015, the Festival of Lights was honored with the Medal of Honor of the State of Israel for its audience-friendly Israel presentation. In 2018, too, it was possible to draw an audience of millions to the jubilee with an impressive video mapping and to present Israel as an attractive tourism destination at the same time.